First stop: Oxford, land of the Hobbits.

Well, not exactly the first stop but I like the sound of the title 😉

Real first stop was London.
I met up with Matt and Dee, two friends I made while Lindy-dancing. They recently bought a house in Oxford (while living in London) and I promised them to come over and help out a bit when I would start my trip. So I did 😉


One of the masterpieces 😉

While in London Matt took me to a brilliant cocktail bar called ‘Nightjar’. He didn’t know at that time that one of my focal points of my trip was finding nice Jazz bars or related ones. The Nightjar is exactly what I was looking for!
Have a look on their website, an amazing place with live bands and stuff…
The served cocktails are real pieces of art, every single one of them. As a customer you’ve got the impression of being important, clients first must be their motto cause when it takes a little while to get your drink (because of a crowded bar or because of the work they have to put in the ‘masterpiece’) you’ll get served a glass of cava and the words ‘sorry to keep you waiting, here’s a little something from the house’. Brilliant.

After a hilarious and ‘dangerous’ bike ride in the city centre of London at nighttime it was time for bed, cause Oxford would be next on the list.

Sunny sunday morning. Hot as hell, it’s been very nice weather the last couple of days in Europe, and we’re off to Oxfordshire. The Shire as Tolkien said/wrote it.

And my first day of work for a new boss 🙂 Matt and Dee’s house, a ruin at the moment 🙂 (sorry Matt and Dee, it’s not as bad as I write it 😉 ), needs some work. A lovely house, a few minutes away from the ancient city centre of Oxford. But everything needs to be refurbished . Five days of painting, helping out with the floor heating, plastering windows and stuff its time for a beer, Matt knows some nice places. the trout oxford pub,freud oxford cafe,

Oxford has the advantage of having a busy city centre and some lovely meadows where there’s the peace and quietness that makes you want to write a book about Hobbits 😉 Looking around in the countryside you can actually see where Tolkien got his writing material from. It’s easy to see a Hobbit’s house in the countryside of Oxford. Beautiful, just beautiful. Afbeeldingen van oxford countryside

One should definitely visit one or more Universities in Oxford, amazing buildings, nice greens….. In the Christ Church university you can enter the dining room where students and profs have their daily meals and there’s something special about this one. Besides it being impressive to see it’s also used in a film. Perhaps you can tell me in which one?..

IMG_6112 IMG_6111

On saturday it’s auction time! Jeej! Never been to a real auction before in my life so I thought it was pretty special. As I’m traveling, there’s not much I can bring along from the auction but still, I did find some special things. 5 children books from Grimm, dated ( from 1905_1910 ) and signed for a little boy  as a present for good behavior and attendance in school. Nice.

And a little note if you should travel brittish railways for longer distances; seat reservation is just the thing you might need. Good thing I booked my ticket to Dublin in advance… 😉


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